Tips for a successful DSR Smart program


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1.    Keep it short!  Training videos should be 2-4 minutes (shorter the better!) to maximize attention span and knowledge retention by participants. 

2.    Keep it relevant!

  • Provide a compelling answer to every DSR's question... "Why should I care about this product any more than similar products I sell?" Quality, best value and brand name are not compelling since most companies make these claims.
  • Most DSRs live on 100% commission. You must prove you'll help them earn a living!
  • Provide examples of how the product will increase revenue, reduce costs, streamline storage requirements or simplify prep/cleanup, etc.

3.    Keep it real!  This is about product training, not a commercial. Don't worry about fancy video production.  A simple hand-held camcorder video provides a genuine feel that will add to the content's authenticity. 

4.    Measure before and after!  Include a few multiple-choice questions before the video to measure DSRs' topic knowledge or selling history.  Follow the video with a short quiz to gauge their knowledge retention. The quiz also reinforces your message, and it can provide a signal if something is confusing should many DSRs miss a particular point.

5.    Include the basics!

  • Show the product's unopened outer case, and then a shot with a product sample alongside to illustrate the size of both. This helps DSRs identify the product in their warehouse or at an operator's location.
  • Include critical details like case size, storage requirements, product number, Dot Foods number (if available through Dot) and UPC.
  • Describe the types of operator segments where product is best-suited.
  • Include menu and/or pairing ideas. But don't overemphasize these over the basic product elements and case information mentioned above.
  • Offer up to four electronic attachments after the training (video download, sell sheet, etc.) so it's easy for them to learn more.

6.    Motivate timely participation! Structure cash incentives to motivate action. Example: first 100 participants receive $15; next 200 participants get $10; and all participants (even if they don't earn an individual reward) are eligible for a $500 drawing.

7.   Repeat steps 1-6 over and over!  DSRs sell what they know.  Product training is a constant need in an industry where 18,000 new products are launched each year.  Just as you wouldn't advertise your brand once a year... so it is you won't build mindshare for your brand without building an ongoing training program to build loyalty among DSRs.

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