305: Next big DSR thing might be a bird of a different feather

dsrlivelogoarchivebutton15jpgSometimes selling groceries just ain't all its quacked up to be... then other times, it is.

Like going on a factory tour of Maple Leaf Farms, the largest duck products company around.  The DSR Live crew got a behind the scenes look at how duck might just become the next big thing in foodservice.

Farm-raised duck isn't your grandfather's water fowl plucked out of the lake... commercially produced duck has a mild flavor that is catching on as a red meat alternative.  It has the "heart healthiness" of chicken.  And lots of variety including value-added duck rolls, wings and Mexican specialties.

Yes, it's true... only female ducks "quack" [insert your own joke here].

Listen in as DSR Live co-hosts DSR Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung yak and quack about key things they learned during their tour.

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