310: DSR cold calls… and getting your just (and profitable) desserts!

dsrlivelogoarchivebutton15jpgAttention DSRs, it's your lucky day.  You're getting THREE DSR Live segments this week for the price of one (oh, wait... DSR Live is free!). 

Part 1:  We had a huge response last week on DSR Dave's top secret "cold call" video.  He showed how to evaluate a prospect... all by ordering a club sandwich!  But some folks had issues... greenhorns wondered how can they afford the club-sandwich approach when they barely make enough for gas money.  Some sales managers replied that they need faster sales results from DSRs than the "deep research" approach Dave suggested.

In this week's show, co-hosts DSR Dave, Bill Hornung and special guest Joe the DSR (an anonymous greenhorn DSR) discuss these topics and more.

Part 2:  To break up our heated "cold call" discussion, we take a break for dessert!  Specifically, we  talked to Andrea Berend, brand manager for Sara Lee's Bistro Collection Individual Desserts.  Timing is everything... these desserts are the right size at the right price for those operators who need to attract patrons back to the after-meal sweet during these slow times.  Want to know the hottest dessert trend around (it's probably not what you're thinking)?  Listen in.

Part 3:  We finish up our "cold call" discussion with getting  customers to place their first orders by playing what operators fondly call the "Distributor Game."   This is the worn-out idea of dropping prices to get in the door... only to start raising prices a month or so later.  The DSR Live team discuss some other ways to create happy first-time customers without pulling down your shorts on pricing just to get a new account.

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Check out Sara Lee's FeedYourBottomLine.Com website for more dessert ideas and profit builders


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