311: Cold calls: Breaking through when an operator doesn’t need another DSR!

dsrlivelogoarchivebutton15jpgUnbelievable personal service! Broad product selection!  Decent prices!  Pretty trucks! 

Most foodservice distributors claim these are the characteristics that separate them from the pack of competitors (hmmm... that's odd, if everybody is good at these things, are they really a competitive advantage?).

Today, these characteristics are the "price of admission" for DSRs... there's a good chance your prospect is already working with somebody who provides great service at a fair price.  So, how do you break through?

In part 3 of our 3-part series on cold calls, DSR Live! co-hosts DSR Dave Miesse, Bill Hornung and Joe the Anonymous Greenhorn DSR yak about some creative ways to get operators to pay attention when you're not the prime DSR in an account.

We also talk to Brad Zielke, Ketchup Category Development Manager for Heinz, on how to elevate the importance of tabletop condiments on an operator's list.  Patrons are demanding more during the few times they go out to eat these days.  So... what's  sitting on the operator's table could make a bigger difference than ever before when patrons decide where they'll spend their money tonight.

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