326: Is DSR “role playing” a kids game we’ve all grown out of?

davebillbylinesmallpngdsrlivepodcastpngArtificial. Embarrassing.  Disrespectful to veterans.  Not relevant to local situation.  OK... tell us how you really feel when we get calls about sales "role playing!" 

The worn out sales meeting tactic of role playing "cold calls" generates more opinions than nearly any subject we tackle.  Co-hosts DSR Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung yak about the good, bad and ugly of role playing... and some major things nearly always missing... and some more effective training alternatives. 

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SaraLeeribbonlogo100pngJuly DSR Hall of Fame winner announced next week

The newest inductee for the AFDR's DSR Hall of Fame, our DSR of the month honor, will be announced next Wednesday... presented by our friends at Sara Lee Foodservice.  Stay tuned... it might be you!

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Here's good advice when specifying 5/16" sweet potato fries!


lambwestonthumbsweetthingsjpgWatch this short video to become a Sweet Potato Swami on Lamb Weston's hot-selling thin-cut Sweet Things fries.  Watch video

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