1019: Moving from Backup Supplier to Prime Vendor is about RELATIONSHIPS

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“All great salespeople in the world, in any industry, who make a lot of money, are able to do so because they know as much about the business of their customers, as the customer does (if not more) because they become that set of eyes that can see all the dynamics of all the parties of the entire industry not just that one customer’s operation.” -- Bill Main

DSR Dave talks with consultant Bill Main, who became a nationally recognized foodservice management consultant after spending 23 years as a successful independent restaurant owner/operator. Bill said early on when he was still an owner/operator a DSR asked him, “Do you want to make money, or do you want to buy at the cheapest price?” The question stopped him in his tracks!!! Main said, “Tell me more!” Now, as a consultant, he shares that knowledge.

Bill and DSR Dave discuss how every DSR’s goal each week should be moving a customer from buying only 20% to buying 80% or more. Main says,DSRs are in the RELATIONSHIP business, and by working collectively with their customers, they can squeeze the inefficiencies out of the system so that everybody is profitable.”

Collaboration becomes the vehicle. You might have only 20% of a customer’s business now, but while waiting in the wings, you must have a strategy to build a better relationship with that customer.

Main says “the dynamics and or the dance” that has to be coordinated between the operator, DSR, distributor, delivery drivers, buyers, brokers, manufacturer and even the operator’s patrons is a huge part of what good DSRs are working on each day.

  1. This relationship between all parties involved is the pathway to success for all.

Don’t just sit back and take that 20% order thinking that the customer will just give you more of their business. You need to be working every week building a purchasing guide so that when your customer does decide to give you more business, you’ll have what’s needed to ship them the right product at the right price.

  1. The purchasing guide is the key to your growth in any account.

DSRs who deliver value beyond price by being their customer’s best employee know the customer’s business as well as they do, if not better. Those DSRs will probably have fewer customers than most DSRs, but have a 3-5% higher GP and will make into a six-figure income!

  1. Be a DSR who delivers value beyond price.
  2. Have a strategy each week on how you’re going to sell more to each of the accounts you’re currently selling, and then execute on it.

DSRs, Be a Resource...and Sell Something!


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