1131: Ryan Connell of Jordano’s Foodservice DSR of the Month

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1131 Ryan Connell of Jordano’s Foodservice DSR of the Month

“Working with Prospects are like opening a back account. The more deposits of effort and goodwill you make with a prospect or one of your customers will determine the withdrawals you'll be able to take out without being out of balance." ~ Ryan Connell

Ryan Connell of Jordano's Foodservice, Santa Barbara, California earned top honors as AFDR’s August DSR of the Month for 2018 placing him in the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame. This award makes him eligible for the 2018 DSR of the Year. Ryan's territory is Ventura County and small beach towns in Southern California.

While attending Bible college, Ryan worked as a waiter and always loved the hospitality industry. He then worked as a youth minister for ten years and while on a mission trip to Florida with his youth group, one of the chaperones happened to be his mentor, a VP with US Foods. When they were talking about the future, Ryan jokingly threw out the thought of what would it look like if he was to work with US Foods. The VP said he would feel guilty stealing his children’s youth pastor, but said he would set up a ride along with one of his sales reps. After the ride along, Ryan knew being a DSR was his destiny!

Ryan says the experience he gained in those ten years working with youth in the ministry really has helped him in his sales career because, the young folks he worked with every day was much like dealing with each of his different customers. They all have their own pressure points, like staff drama for example.

Sales Tips Ryan discusses in detail on this audio recording:

  1. Listen & Observe first to get a prospect or a customer’s pressure points before telling them all the things you could do for them.
  2. This enables you to pick up on the staff drama or challenges in a prospect’s establishment, so you can come in with Empathy and understanding on how you might need to adjust and how you might help them.
  3. Have a Win-Win or No Deal attitude with each customer and prospect.
  4. Understand that when you walk into a prospect that it might NOT be the appropriate time for the operator to have the cold call made on them.
  5. The quicker you can figure out what the customer needs that they’re not receiving from their current supplier, the more the customer will trust and count on you.
  6. Based on your observations, quickly articulating to the customer that you see the challenges he’s up against is the biggest thing: I SEE YOU AND I HEAR YOU.

Additional advice for Greenhorns:

  • Do more of the things that you’re good at and understand the things that you’re not so good at and do less of those.
  • Don’t try to be everything to everybody.
  • We need youth in the DSR profession, so don’t give up when you’re feeling the pressure of building your business.

After being in the “biz” for a long time, Ryan realizes it is for deeper purposes than just selling and making good money… For him it’s being there through the peaks and valleys with his customers because that’s a unique dynamic. And now he feels like he goes on more “warm calls” because of referrals. When he does go on true cold calls, his hope is in finding what he can empathize with the prospects on and how they can connect on those points.

Ryan feels that in his market in California that it is a very challenging climate with minimum wage increasing and the regulations and pressure, so it has become his mission of sorts to empathize with those pressure points and show them how he can bring them to the surface, so they can identify them and begin to work through them together.

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