345: Do you know any DSRs who are BODAs?

halloffameWCSnov2010CLICpngCurry's on Johnston Street in Decatur, Alabama combines Southern charm into its delicious lunch and catering menu filled with signature items created by owners Scott and Meg Curry. 

wcsphotoscottcurryjpgAs foodservice veterans, they're among a growing group of independents who are surviving the "new economy" by getting tougher on distributors.  Scott says he's now buying from three distributors once he discovered his former sole supplier was not working hard enough to help him stay in business through more reasonable pricing. 

Scott also talks with DSR Dave Miesse about what drives him crazy about BODA's (listen for the definition!), clueless "specialists" and unmotivated veteran DSRs.

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Sweet potato fries turns an ordinary side into a treasured appetizer!

Babies, baby boomers and grandmas all love sweet potato fries (for different reasons).  Here's a quick training video on how to sell some of the favorite sweet potato fries around.

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