351: DSRs… avoid pricing questions by talking garbage with customer

halloffameWCSDec2010clicAjpgAs hard as you try, you come across the sales prospect who only wants to talk price… especially around highly competitive categories like boxed beef.  DSR Dave Miesse and AFDR President Todd Hauser yak about ways to turn price shoppers into big customers by re-focusing them on better operations.  Dumpsters, linen services, accounting, insurance utilities, pest control and other operational black holes can drive bigger profits than saving a nickel per pound on ground beef!  




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Eggnog is waiting… see you in 2011

The DSR Live! crew is taking next week off.  Our next show will be distributed January 5, 2011… so happy holidays until then.  Sell something!


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Biscuit versus biscuit… which one
is best for your operator?

Do you recommend a fully baked frozen biscuit… or an easy freezer-to-oven fresh baked biscuit when your customer wants to upgrade this comfort food classic?  Watch this short video to learn about two popular biscuit choices… and then decide!

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