409: Franke Hilson, Cold Calls, Top Ten Things He Does


Franke Hilson has a simple formula for opening new accounts that has been refined during his 19 years in foodservice sales, including the last seven years as a top Ben E. Keith DSR. 

First, find a need that a prospect has that Franke can fill with his “Top 10” products that are always a differentiator.  Never code out an order guide when asked.  And hand-write a specific note on his business card that gets prospects to call him… even if the operator is highly loyal to a competitor.  These simple steps have led to consistent success – and induction into AFDR’s Hall of Fame for March 2011. Listen to interview below.

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Figure profits with this simple calculator


dolelogo150wjpgForget peeling, coring, slicing, dicing, chopping and risking injury when preparing fruit.  All-yield IQF fruit not only saves time and money, its dependable taste and texture make it a no-brainer for many operators. 

Now this free simple calculator lets you figure how much operators will save when using DOLE’s Chef-Ready Cuts over using fresh fruit.  Watch this short video on how it works.

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