419: LISTENING- The #1 selling skill many DSRs forget








Clear communication is the foundation of every successful DSR relationship with an operator.  That communication involves reading (like emails from operators), written information (like emails to operators, sales sheets and such) and talking (no description necessary!). 

But the one communications skill that doesn't get much attention is perhaps the most important of all.  DSR Dave visits with Joe the DSR, a real life up-and-coming rep who now has seen firsthand how important this skill is for greenhorns and veterans alike.  Listen to the show below.

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AFDR is proud to announce Kikkoman, a leading manufacturer of soy sauce, convenient Asian-style sauces, coating mixes, sushi vinegar and soy milk, is our newest Gold Level sponsor! 

Kikkoman has some exciting DSR programs and training events in the works in the near future.  Stay tuned!



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