1324: Feeling Comfortable Eating Inside of a Restaurant Today?

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1 QUESTION SURVEY: DSRs, do you feel comfortable eating inside of a restaurant TODAY?

Our DSR survey results showed only 63% of DSRs feel comfortable eating inside of a restaurant today. What do you think their regular customers are thinking?

Please consider providing your operators with suggestions to help fill the seats that their state and local authorities have allotted them by percentage so they can start making money again and you can start selling them more products. Take inventory of all the different procedures each of your customers have put in place for the safety of their workers and customers and share them with other customers.

You might want to start with steps that would make YOU feel more comfortable eating inside. Consumers are looking for clear evidence that operators understand the importance of adhering to strict safety protocols as restaurants open their dining rooms to in-store service. Recent consumer surveys by research firm Datassential confirm that consumers are willing to tolerate some inconveniences as operators take extra precautions to ensure their safety and protect the health of their workers.

No matter which stage of reopening your area is in, it is never too early to start thinking about what your customers’ restaurant, new dine-in operations may look like.

  1. Suggest operators be specific about what they, as a restaurant, are doing to protect their workers and the customers.
  2. Explain what customers should expect while dining in.
  3. Give direction for what the customers should do while waiting for seating, for example.

Restaurants must create a safe but inviting atmosphere for their customers to rebuild confidence in dining in their establishments. Hand-scribbled notes taped to the window are not enough anymore. They should post on social media, on their website and send emails to their loyalty customers and if they do not know how, that’s where you can assist them. Include new processes implemented for the Coronavirus pandemic.

Make the information easily accessible before potential customers come to dine-in; have posted information in the restaurant once they arrive; and the restaurant could even have the measures they are taking for their safety printed on a small card and hand it to them with their receipt after they have eaten.

Below is a good example of what one operator posted everywhere and emailed out:


Friends: We are excited to announce that we are re-opening both Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Natalie’s Grandview this coming Friday, June 5, for dine-in business! Of course, we will take all the precautions and follow the guidelines set by the Ohio Department of Health, Governor DeWine, etc. Please note that we do ask patrons to wear face masks when not seated at their tables and appreciate your understanding in this matter. While we will initially open without an online dining reservation system, we will be making an announcement soon about our reservations policies.

DSRs, Be a Resource...and Sell Something!


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