1346: Randy McDaniel, DSR of the Month, PART 2

DSR of the Month, Randy McDaniel

Part 2

Do you work 24 hours a day?

Randy: I am like an expeditor, getting them what they want when they want it. I work 6 days a week and customers know I never turn off my phone. Customers believe if they are working, we’re working, so we are. I may get a call at 4:30 in the morning from a driver or 8 pm from a customer working at their restaurant. The culture at our distributor is that we enjoy helping people so taking care them at any time makes us happy.

How do you work with peers?

Randy: Be respectful. You should not be a different person at home than you are on the road or in front of customers or peers. We should be treating each other well out of respect and fairly, everybody, your spouse, your kids, coworkers, dishwashers, chefs, and the competition. Never downgrade or talk bad about your competition. Be honest and do not blame others. Own up to your mistakes. I believe in being sincere… I am the same guy at home that I am at a customer’s place, not fake.

Is managing A/R easier today?

Randy: It is easier now because of my years of experience and learning not to lie to credit analysts - - if you can’t collect a check, tell the truth. Not having to pick up checks is easier since they can pay online and with their credit card. It is my job making sure credits are taken care of, staying on top of A/R so customers don’t get behind, helping customers keep their credit clean, keeping them up-to-date with autopay, emails, or printouts brings stress levels down for you and customer. I work on credit daily when looking at their account the night before so I can address problems early in the day.

What have you done to help customers during COVID-19?

Randy: After staying home that first week, I continued going to see my customers carefully with mask, gloves, and sanitizer on hand while maintaining distance. Most appreciated seeing me in person checking on them because a lot of sales reps did not go in. I was able to pass on deals to customers with product that we had too much of from shut down, then the manufacturer outages came so I helped customers find alternates they could use. I helped customers with navigating the online ordering for their restaurants, sanitizing supplies to protect their employees and facility, assisting them in finding loans and more. I looked for the positives and encouraged them, sympathized with them, and showed more work for them. It was an opportunity to bond even closer to our customers. I think we’ll look back on this experience one day and say, I was a part of that.

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