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DSR Deliveries, FDA says Keep Below 40 degrees

Checking with the FDA and many State's Health Departments, we could not find any laws or policies on transporting foodservice products.  The link below is the best info we could find.  Not allowing DSRs to deliver even NON-TEMP CONTROLLED products could be the end of your company selling a lot of good Independent Operators.
Developing Your Food Safety System for Managing Food Safety:


DSRs and Distributors need to find new ways to deal with DSR Deliveries while addressing Food Safety Issues at the same time since everyone in the industry recognizes that emergency situations arise when independent operators (and multi-unit customers) need product the same day, regardless of who was at fault.  Many Distributors are investing in small, fuel efficient, refrigerated vans that DSRs can use when needed.  Some of those same innovative Distributors are using these vans and the "DSR deliveries" as a big part of their new sales rep training.  The first three months in their job as a new DSR is to make most of the existing DSR's and house Hot Shot/Will Call deliveries.  This approach is proving to get them up-to-speed much quicker than most any other kind of training that we've seen.  They learn really quickly what business they are in by dealing with customers; product knowledge; writing credits; learning how the warehouse works; and basically how to do their job since this is such a critical part of the DSR's job.

DSRs, it might be a good idea to suggest to your company to have policies in place (if they don’t already) for DSRs and other NON-DRIVER folks, when making deliveries of TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED PRODUCTS to their customers or prospects.  We suggest using COMMON SENSE to protect the integrity of the products (like refrigerated drop spots and freezer blankets, dry ice, ice, coolers, freezer bags) because it’s worked great for decades.

DSRs, you might want to consider buying something like this for your next vehicle or a refrigerated trailer, really.

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