247: Struggling DSRs, Look in the Mirror and Start There


Episode #247
Part 3 of 3-Part Interview

It's often said, but many times forgotten... to make it in sales, you need to be yourself.   If you're a greenhorn, don't try to act like a veteran (customers will appreciate the honesty).    On the other hand, veterans who've lost the selling spirit better get re-invigorated or find a new job. 

If you're struggling right now, the best place to start looking for help is the person you face in the mirror, says  Ozzie Calhoun, a U.S. Foodservice Territory Manager with 25 years in foodservice sales.  Staying in for the long haul means being true to yourself and your customers... phonies are quickly discovered. 

And nothing tests your stick-to-it attitude than collecting money.   Dealing with  A/R  issues upfront to find a solution when hard times hit is the route for both you and your customers to succeed.

Ozzie also talks about finding great recipe ideas from manufacturers' websites that he then modifies to help his customers with specific menu challenges.  And DSR Dave and Ozzie go on a rant about tired old sales meetings... and some ideas to make 'em better... 

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Join us on two real life sales calls (via video!) for Rich's On Top new cinnamon flavored On Top whipped topping... you may learn who had the "NUTBALL" dessert named after him.

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