#215: One video solves five marketing challenges

DSRInsightsbylineH2011pngOne reason we promote the idea of producing short product videos is because there are actually five reasons to do so — if you produce them right!

  • Many brokers and manufacturer reps tell us privately that they are struggling to keep up with product knowledge.  The trend towards regional brokers and ever-growing multi-branded manufacturers makes it a challenge to represent such vast product portfolios.  Hence the reason manufacturers are leveraging videos we've produced to provide broker training much like we’ve done DSRs. Online video is simple, cost-effective and convenient.
  • For most independent operators, DSRs are the main source of product information.  Yet, DSRs struggle to keep up with the hundreds-of-thousands of products out there. But a video gives them half a chance to represent your product properly because it does much of the selling when a DSR passes it along to an operator.
  • Proprietary training systems are popping up all over.  That’s good and bad news.  It’s good that distributors, manufacturers and brokers are starting to place a higher priority on product knowledge.  The downside is all the disconnected systems are a nightmare for manufacturers to support. 
  • Related “how to” information that drives value beyond the product itself has often been missing… yet can be the key to successful sales.  Especially if you’ve got a more common product… but have an uncommon level of support.  Heinz has done a superb job, as an example, supporting its iconic ketchup with videos about how to use its branded dispensers.
  • “Showing and telling” is at the core of online marketing.  Why link a static banner ad to static website… it sort of misses the point of rich media.  Leveraging a good tell-all video  give operators a genuine, no-hype way to experience your product.  Kikkoman and other brands are starting to execute this idea via trade media portals like MonkeyDish.

What other communication vehicle besides video can provide a consistent, engaging way to achieve marketing/advertising, sales, training and broker support goals -- simultaneously?  Amortize the relatively small cost to produce a decent quality video across all those functions and you’re talking peanuts (or whatever your product happens to be!).

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