DSR Insights: Pack Size = Price Per Case Difference to Street Customers

DSR Dave Miesse explains how a pack size can either make a product a star on an Independent Operator’s menu or not make it to the menu at all. Price per case is a weekly eye-popping event to an Operator who is watching every penny they spend in these new economic times. Having a month’s worth of inventory on an independent operator’s shelf used to be tolerated, but not any longer.

If a case of your product has a price that stands out on the distributor’s invoice, that product will be questioned. “Why are we paying so much for that product? Can’t we find something just as good, cheaper?” Well, the answer will be answered ten different ways by ten different DSRs.

Your product might cost about the same per piece as your competitor, but they’re getting the business because their case-pack was smaller, for example, 10lbs. vs. 15lbs. or 2/1gal. vs. 4/1gal. or 4/1lbs. vs. 6/1lbs.

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