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The AFDR Product Library’s mission is to provide DSRs and their customers a centralized location to search for Foodservice product information.  Manufacturers supply the product data and images which are in a Standardized Format known as a Product Information Photo or PIP.  DSRs are currently using the PIPs and product data to learn about products, and in many cases, are sending them to customers in lieu of samples in the selling/purchasing proposition.

AFDR’s experience in the online DSR education business exposed it to the challenges of the lack of available “DSR friendly” digital product data and images. AFDR found the charge by third party vendors for the information to be frustrating and the information was not always the most current. Through AFDR’s research, DSRs made it clear that they did not have time to search multiple Brand websites to find products their customers were looking for.  Therefore, there was a desperate need for a central website to be able to search for multiple brands’ products all at one location that had quality digital product data and images. 

The product data and images are available for any registered user (it is Free, quick and easy to register) enabling free access to all DSRs and their Operator customers to information kept accurate and up-to-date by Manufacturers through the AFDR Product Library dashboard.

AFDR Product Library:

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