DSR Insights: DSRs, Independent Operators and the NEW GS1/GTIN Foodservice Standards


BRAND MANUFACTURERS, YOU MIGHT WANT TO KEEP YOUR OLD PRODUCT NUMBERS on your packaging and and POS as you add the NEW GS1/GTIN product identification number and barcodes into the mix.

We all know it’s coming fast and hard, but hundreds of thousands of Independent Operators, and over 90% of the DSRs who sell your products on the street, have not even heard of GS1/GTIN.  QSRs, Health Care Chains and the big contract folks have the money and equipment to scan bar codes and implement these changes.  Most independents Operators don’t have those resources.

Some foodservice industry executives are pushing hard for these new standards to be adopted by the majority of our industry by 2015, but truth be told, not even half of the major suppliers are compliant, or even close to being compliant.

Some of the most progressive “Main Street” Independent Distributors are saying things like:

“To implement the GTIN numbering for all of these vendors will take an enormous amount of time (3 -5 years) and human resources which not many distributors have.”

“There are too many issues to just reset everything from sales history, item usage, order entry systems, customer purchasing guides, and warehouse/ inventory control.”

AFDR is suggesting that Brand Manufacturers keep the old product numbers on the packaging as you add the new GS1/GTIN numbers or you might lose some valuable, hard-to-get-back operators.  In order to safe guard against that possibility, some brands are getting creative by printing the OLD product number (that we already know) much larger on all packaging, POS, or other printed material/boxes so customers can identify it as the same product.

Action item: Make sure customers can see and read the old product numbers through the GS1/GTIN transition…


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