302: When DSRs become the Weiner Saints of Foodservice

dsrlivelogoarchivebutton15jpg"Will calls" are the boom and bust of a DSR's life... depending on who you talk to.  Some DSRs dread making these special runs to operators who are desperately in need of goods that were missed on the regular delivery.  Sales managers often see will calls as poor planning and a time waster that could be better spent on selling more stuff. 

Others see will calls as a blessing... especially when the "oops" was the customer's fault.  Making a last-minute run quickly builds loyalty with the customer...  and is a badge of honor that you were called versus your competitor!  

AFDR Board Members Patti Rangel of Zanios Foods and Sysco's Ralph Owens (the newly crowned Weiner Saint... listen, you'll learn more!) talk about the pros and cons of will calls with DSR Dave Miesse.

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