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With George Hewitt’s 40 years of professional expertise, he brings a lot of experience to the table for restaurant operators in Hawaii. Hewitt, who began his foodservice career in 1974 with the John Sexton Company, is the latest inductee into AFDR’s DSR Hall of Fame as the November DSR of the Month. George is writing 4.8 million dollars with 39 customers, averaging 30 line items in and around greater Honolulu.

This DSR of the Month says that the top 3 action items he does each week to accomplish his goals are being a:

  1. Problem solver
  2. Providing ideas
  3. Providing samples that fit a customer’s menu.

Being a good listener is also an essential skill that George says helps him “hear” the problems so he knows what he needs to do next for his customers.

Hewitt offers three points of great advice for those Greenhorns just starting out about what they might want to learn and work on in the first few months on the job.

  1. Listen more than you talk
  2. Learn your products
  3. Learn your competitors’ products so you know how your products stack up against those you’re selling against

When you are learning your own products, start with your company’s most sold items first and learn about them by asking other DSRs and your customers.

Good follow through has also helped Hewitt keep the same customers for over 20 years. He says if you say you’re going to do something, then do it every time so your customers know they can rely on you to help them with their business.

George says his favorite two brands to sell are CAB (Certified Angus Beef) and Hawaii Ranchers Beef. He tells us “the story” about how the Hawaii Ranchers Beef cattle are born in Hawaii and then shipped (live) to Oregon to spend their last 6 months. The last 90 days before being processed, these steeds enjoy a very special diet.

Next time you’re in Hawaii you might want to have dinner at “The Original Roy’s” restaurant that George has been selling for 23 years and try some of the Hawaii Ranchers Beef!


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