312: Operator's business goes to Sysco MA who goes extra mile

dsrlivelogoarchivebutton15jpgImagine working for 700 bosses.  With most of your foodservice business happening in three months.  Most menus are customized each day.  And you can never be out anything!

That's Brian Peroni's challenge as purchasing director at the Beach Point Club, a private yacht and tennis club in Mamaroneck, NY.   Peroni's 30+ years in the business, however, enables him to take it all in stride as he runs two foodservice operations for the 700 Beach Point members. 

Brian depends on a Sysco rep as his primary go-to guy, although  he works with several distributors to ensure he has the best of everything.  But even after 10 years of working together, Brian says his Sysco MA does one thing better than everybody else...

... never takes Brian's business for granted.

DSR Live co-hosts DSR Dave Miesse and Bill Hornung yakked with Brian as he prepared for the busy summer season about the ups and downs of dealing with DSRs.


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