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Don’t be the DSRs who get stopped in their tracks when customers object to them or to what they’re trying to sell.

Too many DSRs think of objections as a bad thing...but they're missing the big picture. If your prospect or customer raises an objection, that's actually a good sign. The fact that they're talking to you about their objection or concern means that they're giving you a chance to answer it or find a solution.

If a customer is completely uninterested in buying more from you or anything at all, they won't bother to object – generally they'll just sit through your presentation in silence (eat your sample, but not really listen to what you’re saying) and then send you away.

Always be prepared for, and hope for, objections and concerns.

One of the best ways I’ve learned to sell through objections and concerns is by being prepared with pen and paper or your pad and ASK OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS. When you ask open ended questions, or really any question, the prospect or customer will tell you exactly what you need to do, or NOT DO next. This is the point when you need to shut up and listen. You have two ears and one mouth, listen twice as much as you talk, and start writing. Many times the customer will comment about you taking notes and will engage even more because you’re writing down what they’re saying, so keep listening and asking question!

Remember this, what they tell you isn’t necessarily what they want. What they really want (if they have concerns) is to learn more about you and your company and the products you’re trying to sell them. Most prospects don’t want to admit that they’re having some problems with their current suppliers, so they’ll raise some of the objections below instead.

  1. PRODUCT objection: We’ve never had that kind of product on our menu; I don’t know enough about the product because you haven’t explained the product’s benefits (good enough); case size too big; it’s different than what I currently use; don’t like your product brand; don’t like the flavor; not the product for the purpose you’re trying to sell it for.
  1. YOU objection: Customers object to YOU; they don’t like your style; you’re acting too much like a salesman; you always walk in at the wrong time; you lead with price; they know you’re not telling the truth; you don’t know your products; you’re new and acting like it; you talk too much.
  1. COMPANY objection: Customers object to your company and/or the ownership; not local; history of company; what your company stands for; your company delivers to the guy next door and I don’t want my customer to see your truck in my parking lot right after it delivered next door; I’ve never heard of your company (when opening a new area).
  1. SERVICE objection: Customers object about the service; driver parks in the wrong spot; driver dress code; don’t like the time the truck gets there; your return policy; your minimum order is too high; credits take too long to get; won’t carry the product I want; you deliver on the wrong day; your online order entry system is outdated.
  1. PRICE objection: You’re too high on products I buy; my overall invoice is higher; your non-foods items are twice as much as Restaurant Depot and Sam’s Club.
  1. MAKING A DECISION objection: I can’t make a decision until I talk to my partner/ until I talk to the owner/until I talk to my kitchen manager; I want to wait until taxes are paid to place an order; I want to wait until you get my product ordering guide set up the way I want it.

Even if you know the answer to the objection, you might want to write it down anyway and come back at another time with an idea to overcome that objection. Some objections are better left to the next call to explain a solution or a plan on overcoming it. Come up with a plan to get the customer to move to the next step.

Don’t ever give up if you really want an account, never!!!

P.S. If the PRICE OBJECTION is one you’re struggling with, ask yourself this question. “Self, what do you think your competitors tell their bosses as to why they are not selling the customers who you currently are selling those same products?” Yep, PRICE…

DSRs, Be a Resource...and Sell Something!


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