246: Motto for today's DSR: "Shut Up and Listen!"

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Part 2 of 3-Part Interview

Ozzie Calhoun, a U.S. Foodservice Territory Manager with 25 years in foodservice sales, says he has no problems getting samples!  Why?  He's built a strong reputation with brokers that he won't abuse the privilege.  But, he warns, he also doesn't  over-promise on samples to set himself up for failure with customers.

Ozzie also has one simple secret to selling in today's economic climate:  "Shut up and listen!" Customers will tell you exactly what to do, so don't try to force your agenda on them.  

Ozzie debunks the myth that there's a magical number of calls to make before breaking into an account.  Sometimes, he can tell in three calls if the opportunity is a waste of time.   In other cases, he'll work for years if he believes the account is highly valuable.

Finally... Ozzie explains why you should be respectful when an operator and competitor have a strong relationship... and what to do if you really want the account any way.

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