919: A DSR’s Effort needs Direction to Result in Progress

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Am I headed in the right direction? The most fundamental need in achieving happiness is PROGRESS.

Effort or passion does NOT always PRODUCE Progress. Effort needs DIRECTION to result in Progress.

So effort alone does not produce progress. Many days it’s hard to know or hard to see if you’re making progress as a DSR, and most DSRs need to feel a sense of progress and effectiveness to keep moving forward toward their goals. As a DSR, you work hard and do a lot each day with many different customers, prospects and peers, but you need to know if what you’re doing is working. In the DSR’s job, it’s hard to tell sometimes because you don’t often go home with a black and white checked off list. Unlike a truck driver who makes 15 deliveries and unloads 500 cases, they can plainly see the progress, which is satisfying.

You won’t make progress just because you’re passionate about it either. Passion is not enough for progress.

You can sincerely want to make something better. You might be a DSR who passionately wants to help your customers make money and reach your sales goals, but never really learned how. So you don’t just need effort, you need effort plus direction which will equal progress.

You need to reach out for the “learning” that will get you headed in the right direction it takes to make progress in this business. You can’t wait for it to come to you. The two most important action items for you to have clear direction on are:

  1. You need to Find, Learn and Become an Expert on your MOST SOLD ITEMS.
  2. You need to Build an “All Inclusive” INVENTORY ORDER GUIDE for Every Customer you have and Every Prospect you want.

Half of our life’s limitations are based on faulty interpretations. For example, you need to have the right map of the city you’re trying to navigate around. If you’re trying to find a restaurant in Chicago and have a map that was misprinted that says Chicago, but it’s really a map of Miami, you can put in all your effort and manage your time better than ever, but you’ll never reach your destination because you have a faulty map of the wrong city. Just like the need to have the proper inventory order guide for every customer you have and prospect you want, without preparing these order inventory order guides, you’ll never make progress and reach your destination with those accounts. Your progress will always be limited to whatever they want to give you when you go in to get an order.

If you are heading in the right direction, you are going to encounter adversity, it’s not easy, but you are not in trouble…you are always in TRAINING.

DSRs, Be a Resource...and Sell Something!


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