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Nobody knows what to do… operators or patrons. People wake up every day wondering if it will be any different, any light at the end of the tunnel, but everything is left hanging.

It doesn’t make sense… people can go to the grocery stores and big box stores freely (with a mask on), play pick up basketball, tennis, soccer, etc., but you cannot go to church, schools are online with no activities and some people think we cannot vote in person even standing 6 feet apart in lines.

Where does this leave restaurants? Some allow dine in with half capacity or outside patios, but no bar counter seating. Take out is going on, but some restaurants are thriving at that service and others are not.

What is making the difference for those establishments doing well??

As DSRs, you need to look at your operators who are doing well and ask them what is working best for them. What things didn’t work?

What we at AFDR have found out is that those who are thriving have menu items that travel well in carry out containers, have a good, easy to use online ordering system, are serving quality products, have kitchen workers in masks and gloves, and waiters in masks to put people at ease.

The question is what menu items on your customers’ menus fit that description and what kind of different containers do they need to switch/add to their operation to ensure quality products arrive to patrons’ homes in an appealing condition?

As you learn from various customers the better type of menu items and containers for this unprecedented high carry out situation, you can share suggestions with your other customers who are struggling with return customers due to unappealing, soggy, cold carry out food or dissatisfied dine in customers due to lack of confidence for their safety.

Check out each of your customers’ online ordering systems and their call-in ordering set up to see if you can make suggestions for improvement for a positive patron experience. Check out the new signage to see if it is clear that they have a great carry out menu or that they have a patio or safe social distancing inside for dine in customers.

Many DSRs who I've talked to felt like they are in the movie Groundhog Day waking up to the same discouraging, mixed messages on the news and wondering about the future of their business and their lives. You cannot sit around waiting for it to change!

You have to make something good happen by studying those operators doing well and putting a plan together for each of your customers and prospects because your future business and your customers’ future business starts with you.

You need each other because they are the stage for your products to perform on and to have success with!

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