506: Mom & Pop’s and Assisted Living are the Bread ‘n Butter for Marlot Pace, AFDR’s DSR of the Month


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Marlot talks about her 15 years of being a DSR and about running her day-to-day operations for her 60 weekly accounts.  She drives about 200 miles per day to her accounts because they are scattered all over.

Mom & Pop’s are Marlot’s favorite type of account because she feels they are so important to the foodservice industry.  This Hall of Famer also treasures selling Assisted Living and Nursing facilities because they serve three meals and a night snack, 365 days per year.

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DSR Dave, and guest host, DSR Joe, discuss with Marlot how she prospects for new accounts now, and how she prospected when she first started.  Pace talks about how she teaches greenhorns to prospect.  She reminds us all of how important follow up is, and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Marlot explains why she always answers her phone, and why she’s glad a customer called her versus calling her competitor.  Recently, she picked up a big chunk of business because she answered her phone on a Saturday and her competitor didn’t!!!

They have a great discussion about managing her A/R, and doing a bank draft/ACH is not always the best option.  Marlot also explains why selling on the inside is so important.

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