531: Sysco Philly’s Frank Bellace, AFDR Hall of Fame Inductee


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  1. DSR of the Month

DSR of the Month Frank Bellace knew he wanted to be a DSR when he was in his early teens.  Twenty-seven years later, he’s selling over 6 million a year; looks like he made a great career choice! 

Hall of Famer Bellace discusses with DSR Dave that some of the best training for his foodservice sales job came from when he was a paper boy growing up.  He was dealing with collecting money and not getting paid for three months while his customers went to Florida in the winter.  That paper route also taught Frank that adding value to his customers by raking leaves, cleaning windows, house watching, etc. led to bigger tips and more business from his customers since they referred him to other potential customers because of his great service. 

Not being able to say “NO” might be a Hall of Famer’s worst and best asset.  Miesse and Bellace talk about how they figure out how to get it done because they won’t say no.

When making a Cold Call Frank likes starting with the Bartender… listen and find out why.

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