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“Reach – Teach – Engage” the Distributor Sales Representative (DSR): Recent Technomic/AFDR research and studies further confirm that the DSR is and will continue to be the most important source of delivering product information to the independent foodservice operator. Therefore to reach, teach and engage DSRs with your products, AFDR has designed a number of high-impact programs and activities.

AFDR works with Manufacturers, Distributors, Brokers and Agencies to establish better DSR effectiveness programs.

AFDR Programs and Services are offered on an a la carte credit, currently at $1000.00 per credit or at Partner Rate* blocks of credits. 

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Partner Fee

$100,000 $75,000 $50,000 $25,000 $15,000 $5,000


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       * For Partners, AFDR offers Monthly or Quarterly payment options for Silver Level and above.


AFDR Product Information/Training of DSRs on your Products 


Your Source for a very quick turnaround, sometimes within a few hours to 24-48 hours, of DSR Feedback and Insights on any question or project that needs validation.  We understand that it's almost impossible for you to ask DSRs what they really need in order to sell a product or why they would choose one product over another.  AFDR’s relationship with our member DSRs enables us to ask the questions and obtain the insights in a very short time frame.  Check in with us first so you don't waste time, energy and money on a project only to have it not be successful.


Per Project

A Conference Call and conversation with a group of DSR Members, AFDR’s DSR Dave and your team recorded for your use.  These are insights from the street with DSRs who talk to operators every day.  Where else can you really find out what DSRs think about any given product, rebate, coupons, case color or packaging, or why a product IS or IS NOT selling?  This leads both you and the DSRs to success in the long run if you get it right. 

Sample Central - Sample Feedback System 5
LEAD GENERATOR - e-Mail to Sales & Marketing Teams  10
DSR Insights Survey Results  (Overview)
Summary of all DSRs and Brands in a category survey
  - Overview and All Brand Insight Reports for an entire DSR Insight Category Survey 20

Advertising to DSRs:  Weekly Podcast of DSRLive

"This edition of DSR Live is brought to you by YOUR BRAND"             

Ad with products, photos, item code numbers and links to product URLs...  CALL US for details

Starts at 9

DSRSmart   Product Training:  Reach-Teach-Engage-Reward - Very High Impact

This is the perfect, measurable solution for targeted sales training so   DSRs can learn at their convenience 24/7 from any computer or smart phone. 


Product Information Picture (PIP): Create or Recreate from Existing Photos
Production done by AFDR Certified* Photo Partners - includes 10 products.  Can be used anywhere including AFDR Library and in DSR Smart Training sessions.

AFDR DSR Intelligence/Research Services


AFDR Sales Meeting a.k.a.  Distributor Sales Meetings / Brokers Sales Meetings / Brand Sales Meetings


AFDR Workshop At Your  Location/The Day In The Life of a DSR:  Complete With DSRs!


Virtual   AFDR Sales Meeting/Session:  Via Skype, WebEx Or Any Other Video Web Tool


DSR Research Insights Survey:  With   The AFDR DSR Membership / Up to 10 Questions


AFDR Product Evaluations:  With AFDR DSR Members. New products and or oldies but goodies not moving at a distributor where they should be moving.  Followup with DSR focus group recorded conference call to gain insights.



DETAILS:  of   AFDR Product Information/ DSR Knowledge Services 

  • DSRSmart Product Training:  HIGH IMPACT! 

    Distribution of up to a 3-minute video to AFDR members. The video can include a short survey for market research before the training session and a short quiz after. This is the perfect solution for targeted sales training (so DSRs can learn at their convenience – 24/7 – from any computer or smart phone) that you can measure with real-time metrics of who participated and what they learned. Cash incentives are required to maximize participation.  Actual cash incentives and fulfillment fees are additional.


  • Product Info Picture (PIP) 
    * Production done by:  AFDR certified video/photo partners

    PIPs are “still product” photo shots produced in a proven format (from the insights of DSRs) to enhance the direct impact one photo can have on enabling a DSR to sell a product.  These photos are much better than any second line description! PIPs can be used for distributor in-house training programs, DSR training, Broker training, Operator learning in lieu of a sample, Distributor e-newsletters, Trade Pubs online, or any other use.  It uses an AFDR standard format (designed from the insights of DSRs) which has a proven sales track record.  Includes 10 products, and can be used anywhere including on the AFDRMobile App, afdrTV and in DSRSmart Training sessions.  

  • Editorial Interview / Public Relations:  Let DSRs know what’s going on with your Products or Brand

    3 To 5 Minute Recorded Audio Interview of a product or product category with your Product Expert and DSR Dave.  The edited interview will be aired on a weekly DSRLive Show, and can also be used for Sales Rep training, internal or external.


DETAILS:  of AFDR   DSR Intelligence/Research Services

  • Focus Group:  Conference call with DSR Members and your team recorded for your use.

    You help select three to five DSRs (based on level of experience such as Greenhorn, veteran, location area, etc.) who will be exclusive to your brand’s Advisory council to receive concrete feedback.  DSR members are an incredible resource for feedback, ideas, and input on what works and what doesn't.  It is a one hr. recorded conference call.  VERY INSIGHTFUL.

        Suggested ways to use the Focus Group Call:

  • Great starting point for R & D, new product development, product launches and re-launches.
  • DSR Marketing Strategy Plan: After the plan is developed, we can float it (recorded conference call) by your DSR Advisory Council for their insights before you roll it out. 
  • Review your product “first line descriptions” so they are sure to be CLEAR and IDENTIFIABLE to DSRs and operators.
  • Website review: Gain insight from DSRs as to what’s relevant to them and operators. Find out what information DSRs need to sell your products, POS format, how to get samples, etc.
  • Street Operator Insights: Review your promotions and rebate offers for operators with DSRs who are in touch with whether the operators are likely to participate, or if something else might work better.


  • AFDR Sales Meeting a.k.a.  Distributor Sales Meetings / Broker Sales Meetings / Brand Sales Meetings

    Looking for something different to get your sales team pumped.  Schedule AFDR for your next sales meeting, conference, food show or seminar and we'll bring valuable experience, insights, and examples from the field.  "DSR DAVE" Miesse and or Todd Hauser will bring their three decades each of experience in foodservice sales to your event and will leave the group with plenty of ACTION ITEMS that can be immediately implemented!  We’ll have some fun, and get folks energized.  (Production, travel, incentives and other out-of-pocket expenses, if any, are not included.  Estimates will be provided upon request.)


  • AFDR Workshop at Your Location/ "Day in the Life of a DSR"
    Complete With DSRs! DSR 101 & 201 Designed for Internal Marketing and Sales Staff.  Learn First Hand.

    The DSR Workshop Program is a one-of-a-kind program that offers suppliers exclusive access to the best resource (the DSRs who sell your products and work the front line directly with operators) for analyzing and discussing their most pressing distributor issues.

    The program consists of a full-day workshop with the opportunity to engage with DSRs throughout the day and to see first-hand, DSR attitudes, behavior, best practices and be able to draw your own key conclusions. Interactive sessions with your team (or cross-pollinate teams) to introduce the realities, trends and tools that impact getting your brand and product message down to operators and DSRs. Includes a small panel of DSRs and operators (if possible) so you can ask specific questions about how your company is viewed down at the “street level.” (Production, travel, incentives and other out-of-pocket expenses, if any, are not included. Estimates will be provided upon request.)


  • Virtual AFDR Sales Meeting
    Via Skype, WebEx Or Any Other Video Web Tool.  For at least an hour, DSR Dave Miesse and/or Todd Hauser, AFDR President, will speak at your next sales meeting, engagement, or training/planning session via Internet.  DSR Dave and/or Todd will bring their energy, passion for, and real world experience in DSR sales to your “sales” group while enlightening and motivating them to go out and “Sell Something!”


  • DSR Research Insights Survey
    Online survey to the AFDR membership with up to 10 questions of your choice. These surveys could help establish a share of mind rating from DSRs on different subjects.

    Ideas for survey questions:
    • Products and product categories
    • Total product quality
    • Innovative new products
    • Product samples
    • Product training
    • Product packaging/pack sizes
    • Premiums/give aways
    • Spiffs/incentives/promotions
    • Local sales support

We strongly encourage cash incentives to maximize participation. Actual cash incentives and fulfillment fees are additional.


  • AFDR Product Evaluations with AFDR DSR Members
    Get “Street” information and evaluations from DSRs and some of their operators. After the DSRs have evaluated the product, the group will schedule a conference call (which we’ll record) for open discussion about the product. (This will require shipment of samples of product. We strongly encourage cash incentives to maximize participation.
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