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A Video Miniseries for Foodservice Manufacturers Who Want To Sell More Stuff

  • Episode 1:  Get DSRs to pay attention to your products!
  • Episode 2:  Nothing has changed in foodservice sales and marketing... except EVERYTHING
  • Episode 3:  Nobody needs another foodservice website
  • Episode 4:  Three sure-fire ways to put DSRs asleep when promoting your products
  • Episode 5:  Asking DSRs to take your foodservice product on a date!
  • Episode 6:  Turning product descriptions into your best selling tool
  • Episode 7:  Making recipes a better foodservice marketing tool
  • Episode 8:  It’s December… let’s predict what foodservice customers will do in 2010!
  • Episode 9:  Foodservice’s most-effective target-marketing system in the world


  • 130:  What’s in a number… when it comes to foodservice marketing?
  • 129:  Why foodservice training videos are all about marketing
  • 128:  Gap between foodservice marketing and sales is now measured in seconds
  • 127:  Foodservice rebates and coupons… an overused tactic with few results
  • 126:  An interview with Martin Bros. Sales and Marketing Vice President Doug Coen
  • 125:  Why Smart Phones impact everything in foodservice marketing and sales
  • 124:  Are DSR loyalty programs a waste of the marketing budget?
  • 123:  Why foodservice marketers need to be involved in broker training programs
  • 122:  Clichés to live by in foodservice marketing
  • 121: Who are the big fish that really market and sell your foodservice brand?
  • 120: Laws that drive foodservice marketing success everyday
  • 119: Does Foodservice Marketing need a Declaration of Independence?
  • 118: Yes, foodservice marketing is in a tizzy… what do we do next?
  • 117: Getting more for less from foodservice product samples
  • 116: Is the NRA show still worth the investment?
  • 115: Foodservice trade media (running in new directions), Part 3
  • 114: The new foodservice trade media, part 2!
  • 113: Are DSRs the "new" foodservice trade media?
  • 112: How much to "bet" on DSR communications… and where to get the money!
  • 111: National food brands on the way to extinction?
  • 110: Brand marketing on the street: An interview with a distributor marketer
  • 109: The most favored brands among DSRs
  • 108:  Foodservice product positioning… what REALLY happens after launch
  • 107: Foodservice promos... making the most of them
  • 106: What foodservice marketers can learn from the Three Stooges!
  • 105:  What foodservice marketing and white collar crime have in common!
  • 104: Foodservice marketing math, brokers, and your cell phone
  • 103: Rebates, rebates… get your foodservice rebates over here. NOT!
  • 102: The myth of keeping new foodservice products a secret
  • 101: SOBs:  the 42% of operators that foodservice marketers ignore


  • The end of B2B marketing, sales and training as we know it
  • Truth behind train the trainer programs
  • Why foodservice companies should ignore the Web 2.0 babble
  • What the George Foreman Grill and Marketing Have In Common
  • Weenies, foodservice branding and making a difference (oh, my!)
  • Foodservice and the Twittering Facebook dilemma
  • Where's the Walking Taco when you need him?
  • Should foodservice marketing “stop shouting”… and start listening?
  • Get DSRs to pay attention to your products!
  • Cut the corporate BS... get real with sales tools
  • Does foodservice need a “cash for clunkers” program?

Words of wisdom from one of the industry's most innovative distributors:

  • Reaching independent operators:  DSRs are now the lifeline
  • The brutal truth of sales training
  • Why DSRs need constant attention and communications
  • What brands miss when not communicating with DSRs
  • The disconnect brands have within distributors
  • The best DSRs focus on the "hard sale" (it's not what you think!)
  • Electronic sales tools are the path to success
  • Why DSR Live is different than other training
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