BrokerSmart overview

brokersmartlogo250TpngFoodservice BrokerSmart is an online video training system based on AFDR's popular DSRSmart system... that incents, tracks and reduces the cost of foodservice product training. 


For manufacturers...

Reduce expensive training meetings with brokers, eliminate printing and distribution of costly sales materials, track participation by individual user... and measure overall effectiveness of your training.


For brokers

Consolidate online training from different manufacturers into one system... at no cost to brokers.


Guaranteed participation

Broker reps are incented to provide their undivided attention — when it's convenient to learn.  Like during quiet hours at home... or when they have time in the office.


No risk

AFDR business partners can test one Foodservice BrokerSmart activity at no cost (except for any cash incentives you might offer).


Completely turnkey

No software to install... or applications to learn.  We handle all the setup for you.



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