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Your hosts are "DSR" Dave Miesse, CEO, AFDR & Caroline Perkins, CEO, Speak Foodservice. In order to drive for optimal performance, individuals need to know what the desired goals are and how results will be measured. Once critical factors for success are known, individuals can identify key players and coordinate efforts to help them achieve the outcomes desired. Take an opportunity to hear from several foodservice industry leaders who have demonstrated their ability to bring out the best in themselves and others as they discuss:

  • The importance of preparation
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Building a diverse sales team
  • Skills for sales success
  • Secrets to career growth

Featuring:  Cindy Hallberlin, US Foods, Diane Chandler, Martin Bros. Distributing, Julie Swan, Sysco, Kate Kerg, Buchy Foodservice, Linda Pharr, WFF, Rita LaCroix, LaBatt Foodservice, Chris Furman, PepsiCo



  1. 01.  Introduction
  2. 02. The importance of preparation
  3. 03.  Power of Simple & Flexible
  4. 04.  Manage your own career
  5. 05.  Overcoming barriers
  6. 06.  Secrets to career growth
  7. 07.  Skills for Sales Success
  8. 08.  Building a diverse Sales Team
  9. 09.  The art of not Over-Managing
  10. 10.  Management survival
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