SPECIAL SHOW - Truckin' For Profits - Teaming Drivers & DSRs to Drive "More Profitable" Sales


Featuring some of the country's best foodservice drivers.

DRIVERS INTERVIEWED:  (from IFDA's Truck Driving Championship) Michael Light, C.A. Curtze, Rich Ahrens, Shamrock Foods, James Kroschel, US Foods, Fernando Valverde, Sysco, Clarence Tadeo, HFM Foodservice, Greg Peterson, Gordon Food Service

SPECIAL GUESTS:  Steve Potter, IFDA, Chesley Wyatt, Ben E. Keith, Tim Maxberry, Ben E. Keith, Keith Bauserman, Bauser's Barn Restaurant, Scott Mullins, Greyhound Park & Casino, Mike Peterson, Whitehorse Restaurant

GUEST HOSTS:  John Buchy, Buchy Food Service, Bill Hornung, Grade A Communications

HOSTS:  DSR Dave Miesse

  1. 01. Drivers Face the Customer
  2. 02. Value of a Consistent Driver
  3. 03. What Drivers Have That DSRs Don't
  4. 04. Creating a Superb Customer Experience
  5. 05. Right Attitude Equals Success
  6. 06. Spit, Cuss and Yell... Just Not In Front of a Customer!
  7. 07. Driving Drivers CRAZY
  8. 08. A Safe Driver - DSR's Best Friend
  9. 09. Little Things Mean a LOT
  10. 10. What Great Drivers and DSRs Have in Common
  11. 11. Insider Trading:  What Drivers Know That DSRs Don't
  12. 12.Making Order - Out of DSR "Ordering Chaos
  13. 13. Truckin' On
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