December 2014, Joe Adam, Troyer Foods, DSR of the Month

DSR Years of experience:    7 years   
Annual volume:     4.5 million 
Number of active accounts:    35
Average line items per stop:    24
Territory/City/Area where you sell:   Bloomington, IN
Favorite type of account:     Independent restaurants and entrepreneurs
Best tools that help you sell:    My desire & determination to take care of the customer – sampling/POS/internet/smart phone
Where you learn about product info:     Customers/Sales mtgs/Online publications/AFDR/Suppliers/Brokers/Family shopping & dining      
Favorite website:,, my struggling fantasy football team site  
Hobbies:   Cooking, solving the world’s problems, cards and cornhole with my equally very busy colleagues
Favorite Brand to sell:    Miller Amish Chicken, Cooks Bison, and all our local suppliers

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Joe Adam of Troyer Foods in Bloomington, Indiana is the December DSR of the Month, and the latest inductee into the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame.

After working with his peers on the inside at Troyer’s, Joe has really matured and learned over the years that HE REALLY DID NOT KNOW EVERYTHING as much as he thought he did the first few years. He learned that he needed to listen to those folks just like he listens to his customers. Listening, respecting and not blaming his team for mistakes that were made has changed everything for him, including more sales and more money for himself.

Adam feels like he’s going to class everyday by doing the old fashion thing and JUST LISTENING to the customers, including the folks in the front and back of the house. They all have ideas, and that gives Joe ideas on what he needs to do next in each account.

Joe says that Bloomington is not only a college town, but it has also developed into a fantastic “foodie” town with phenomenal Chefs from around the world who are always looking for products that have been raised or grown locally. Adam says that he’s fortunate to have great products like Elk, Bison, Chicken, Duck, and Turkey that come from local producers. Sometimes this DSR of the Month is the supplier, sometimes he’s the middleman, and sometimes he just hooks his customers up with the producer; whatever is the right thing to do for his customers.

Adam explains that he has all of his customers’ websites loaded on his laptop so he can constantly monitor their sites for things his customers might be doing that might not come up during his sales call. He also checks to make sure things like the menu loads properly on mobile devices, coupons are not outdated, and that the reservation & contact pages are in place.

Joe says managing his A/R is simple. It’s all about communicating with his customers and his accounting team, but you have to communicate.

This Hall of Famer uses the Product Library to help him find information on many branded products by using the product photos and training videos to help him learn. 

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