October 2011: Corey Young, Jordano's Foodservice, Santa Barbara, CA

DSR Experience: 20 years as a DSR and 9 years with our sister company, Pacific Beverage Company, an Anheuser-Busch Beverage distributor.
Annual sales:: $4.8 million
Active Accounts: 75
Avg. line items/stops: 28 lines 
Territory: Ventura County, CA.
Favorite account type: Successful and profitable ones 
What helps sell more stuff: Knowledge and Patience
How to learn about products: Moestly from the vendors and brokers I work with. I utilize more and more websites as access and information improves.
Favorite Website: No single website as a favorite but I seem to be tapping into a lot of manufacturers websites in addition to AFDR for a variety of reasons lately
Hobbies: Who has time for bobbies in this business? Maybe I can get some time in gardening, wash the car, and spend time with his wife 
Favorite Brand: I am attracted towards a lot of our extensive gourmet items, some of which are Roland products.


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Corey Young been inducted into the AFDR Hall of Fame for October 2011. 

Corey, a 20 year veteran, writes $4.8 million for Jordano’s Foodservice of Santa Barbara, CA.  This DSR has just about every kind of account under the sun, or smoke, as on some days he gets his orders from the forest fire base camp.  

This California DSR discusses with DSR Dave how he got through the altitude of the $60,000 dollar per week of sales sound barrier, and what it feels like when you break through.  DSR Dave asks Corey if the work necessary to break through this barrier is worth it to make a career as a DSR.  Corey explains the tremendous amount of freedom a DSR has, even though it’s hard work.

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