February 2012: Marlot Pace, Ben E. Keith, Arkansas

DSR Years of experience: 15 years
Annual volume: 6 million
Number of active accounts: 63 accounts
Average line items per stop:
Territory where you sell:
Favorite type of account:I LOVE Mom & Pops establishments
Single-best thing that helps you sell more stuff: Knowledge
Where do you learn about new product info: In person and at sales meetings
Favorite website: Recipes.com
Hobbies: Snow Skiing and hanging out at the LAKE
Favorite Brand to sell:It depends????

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505: DSR of the Month, Marlot Pace, Ben E. Keith

Marlot Pace, a 15 year veteran at Ben E. Keith in Arkansas, is the February 2012 inductee to the AFDR Hall of Fame!  Marlot Pace, takes center stage with her customers as she not only trains her customers’ wait staff on “GUEST service vs. GUESS service,” she also includes the owners/management of these establishments in continuing education activities like marketing conferences so they both can learn and be more successful.

DSR Dave, and guest host, Joe the DSR, talk with Marlot and her customer, Melody Williford of American Pie Pizza about their working relationship.  They discuss how they do business, and how they learn new ways of helping each other in these new economic times.  They also talk with Melody about how other DSRs approach her in trying to get her business, and how many out of the 10 come back after the first call!  Melody understands the old DSR trick of low-balling prices to try to get her to fall for it; not going to happen at American Pie Pizza, notta!

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