March 2012: Kelly Wall, Y.Hata & Co. Limited, Hawaii

DSR Years of experience: 8 years
Annual volume: $10 million ($8.5 last year)
Number of active accounts: 20 accounts
Average line items per stop:
Territory where you sell:
 Island of Oahu/ Hawaii 
Favorite type of account: Burger Joints 
Single-best thing that helps you sell more stuff: Knowing my customer needs and challenges 
Where do you learn about new product info: Internet /Trade Publications 
Favorite website: (Anything Apple related) 
Hobbies: Triathlons - 70.3 & Ironman races / Anything Apple related- gadets
Favorite Brand to sell:Sterling Silver Meat - anything that solves my customers challenges

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  2. Part II

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510: DSR of the Month, Kelly Wall, Y.Hata & Co, Limited

Kelly Wall, a 8 year veteran at Y.Hata & Co, Limited in Oahu, Hawaii, is the March 2012 inductee to the AFDR Hall of Fame!  Kelly Wall, once again proves from a DSR perspetive that being your customer’s best employee pays off.  Wall discusses with "DSR" Dave Miesse how he opens new accounts; how he educates his customers on how a real partnership works as it pays off for all parties involved; and how he deals with A/R.  He gives advice on how Vets can squeeze a little more lemon (profit) out of a mature route.takes center stage with her customers as she not only trains her customers’ wait staff on “GUEST service vs. GUESS service,” she also includes the owners/management of these establishments in continuing education activities like marketing conferences so they both can learn and be more successful.

In part 2 of the show (for those NOT too busy to sharpen your saw and listen and learn from a Pro), Wall gives great examples of how having 98% of his customers placing their orders online has made it possible for him to sell as much as he does.  He and DSR Dave say those DSRs not working toward having their customers order online are “missing the boat!”  Oh yeah, for any out-of-stock item, it’s a 3 week lead time for the order (from the mainland), not just a special order.

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