September 2012: DSR of the Month Pedro Bossy, Shetakis Wholesalers -- Las Vegas

DSR Years of experience: 24
Annual volume: 17,500,000
Number of active accounts: 21
Average line items per stop: 24
Territory---City/Area where you sell: Las Vegas
Favorite type of account: Casino
Single-best tool/thing that helps you sell more stuff: Will call, my service.
Where do you learn about new product info: From my customers.
Favorite website: The Product Library ROCKS!
Hobbies: Golf, softball and travel
Favorite Brand to sell: Any brand my competition does not stock.


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September 2012: DSR of the Month Pedro Bossy, Shetakis Wholesalers -- Las Vegas

Pedro Bossy is a 24 year veteran writing over 17 million for Shetakis Wholesalers in Las Vegas, where the foodservice business is like no other place in the country.  It’s a market that you have to truly be there to understand the scope of volume.  You have manufacturers selling direct and selling products at deep discounts because some of the customers buy as much as some distributors do.

Bossy has made a nice career by building relationships and taking great care of his customers and the folks on his distributor team.  Pedro still loves making will call deliveries to his customers because he believes that is the absolute best time to sell more products to his customers.  He has also learned that Service, Quality and Price are three selling points that a good DSR needs to always be working on with each customer in order for it to be a good relationship for all parties involved.  This Hall of Fame DSR explains how in that relationship, the customer gets to pick two of the three, and he gets one of them.

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