October 2012: DSR of the Month Josh Rector, Food Services of America, Billings, MT Division

DSR Years of experience: 6
Annual volume: $3 M
Number of active accounts: 60
Average line items per stop: 18
Territory---City/Area where you sell: North Central Montana
Favorite type of account: Sports Bars
Single-best tool/thing that helps you sell more stuff: Marketing Newsletter
Where do you learn about new product info: AFDR./ Food Shows
Favorite website: Flickr
Hobbies: College Football
Favorite Brand to sell: Sweet Street

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October 2012: DSR of the Month Josh Rector, Food Services of America, Billings, MT Division

Josh Rector of Food Services of America (FSA), Billings, MT division, is the DSR of the Month for October 2012 and the latest inductee into the AFDR Hall of Fame!  DSR Dave says Rector is the first DSR has met who creates a Sales Flyer that is targeted to his customers in Havre, Montana, which is about 25 miles from the Canadian border.  His “Dollars to Donuts” bi-monthly sales flyer has 50 to 100 items with pictures and pricing which Josh says accomplishes multiple goals with his customers.  “They buy products that they weren’t really even looking for, or didn’t think would work in their operation.”  Rector says that the flyer allows him to sell to them without really selling like most DSRs do.  It’s more of a marketing approach Josh explains.

Rector also explains how he would train Greenhorns based on what he knows now.  Learning products has been one of most difficult things to conquer in his quest of becoming a successful DSR.  Josh says that another one of the goals his “Dollars to Donuts” Sales Flyer accomplishes is helping him to learn about each product he puts on the flyer.  He also posts articles on his flyer that help his customers make more money.

Miesse and Rector also discuss penetrating existing customers and how samples work if you use them right.

Congratulations Josh and FSA, Billings!

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