June 2013, Scott Boeyink, Appert’s Foodservice/Sysco, St. Cloud, Minnesota


DSR Years of experience: 22
Annual volume: 7.2 million
Number of active accounts: 60
Average line items per stop: 25
Territory---City/Area where you sell: Willmar, MN surrounding towns
Favorite type of account: All of my accounts
Single-best tool/thing that helps you sell more stuff: Never assume you have the business- earn it everyday.
Where do you learn about new product info: Venders
Favorite website: www.recipe.com
Hobbies: Family time, boating and golfing
Favorite Brand to sell: Appert Products

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June 2013:  Scott Boeyink, Appert’s Foodservice/Sysco, St. Cloud, Minnesota 

Scott Boeyink began his foodservice career at Harker’s Foodservice working in the warehouse and worked his way up into the DSR role.  Now, 22 years later, he’s being inducted into AFDR’s DSR Hall of Fame.  “Scott is the epitome of a great DSR earning the respect of his customers and co-workers by sharing his passion and knowledge in this business,” said AFDR president, Todd Hauser.

Boeyink has around 60 accounts in Willmar, Minnesota and surrounding towns ranging from Mom & Pops, Day Cares, Bars & Taverns, Prisons, Racetrack, and quite a few Schools.

This DSR of the Month utilizes his vendors to help him learn about new products and his vendors help him host a mini food show for all of his School customers.  At the mini food shows, Scott’s vendors speak about the latest rules and regulations that are constantly changing for School customers.

Produce is one of Scott’s favorite categories to sell because of how much he learned while on a Field/Plant tour.  Boeyink says that he’s always trying to learn more about new products and oldie-but-goodie products he’s selling because his customer’s count on him as their main source for all product information.


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