February 2014, Chris Contos, US Foods, IL



DSR Years of experience:    45
Annual volume:    8.9 million
Number of active accounts:    84
Average line items per stop:    27
Territory/City/Area where you sell:   North West Indiana, Chicagoland
Favorite type of account:   Independent Restaurant
Best tools that help you sell:   Marketing Sales Fliers
Where you learn about product info:   Sales Meetings
Favorite website:    USFoods.com
Hobbies:    Music
Favorite Brand to sell:    Patuxent Farms

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  1. DSR of the Month

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Chris Contos of US Foods Distributors is AFDR’s DSR of the Month

Forty-five years as a DSR, Chris Contos is the epitome of what the AFDR DSR Hall of Fame exemplifies.  Contos has some of the same customers he had in 1972!!!  There is only one way any sales rep in any business can keep customers that long, and that’s due to TOTAL TRUST and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Chris has 84 accounts writing $8.9 million in territories of NW Indiana and South Chicago.   Thirty years ago, Mr. Contos was the DSR of the Year for ID Magazine while working with Clark Foodservice.

Topics on the show:

·       How Chris has handled working for companies that are bought out
·       Preparation for the next day
·       Greenhorn advice for getting over the hump
·       Why Chris’ customers trust him
·       Understanding tough customers

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