September 2010: Tim Havenstrite, Martin Bros.

HOFsep2010mughavenstritejpgHOFsep2010profilehavenstjpgAfter 16 years in foodservice sales, Tim Havenstrite of Martin Bros. has learned his fiercest competition is himself.  "You've got to always look at improving over last week, last month and last year, he says." 

Havenstrite started his sales career with another local distributor before moving to Martin Bros. about seven years ago.  He was recruited into sales after a five-year stint as a foodservice distribution delivery driver.  He covers the Dubuque, Iowa territory where he has 70 customers and generates more than $5 million in sales. 

HOFpresentedbysep2010jpg"This is a double honor for me to announce Tim's induction into the AFDR Hall of Fame," said AFDR President Todd Hauser.  "I not only know what a tremendous sales pro Tim is, I have the distinct pleasure to call him a friend and a valuable co-worker here at Martin Bros."

During his interview, Havenstrite credits his inside sales partner and other co-workers as the ingredients for his success.  He also explains why his accounts receivable percentage is the best ever even during tough economic times.

"I want to know that my customers can rely on me when they call, Havenstrite said.  "That means a lot to people especially right now with the economy and everything else."

Listen to interview below!

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