December 2010: Rhys Bowman, Buchy Foodservice

HOFdec2010profileboxajpgRhys Bowman, who began as a truck driver at Buchy Foodservice 31 years ago, has been inducted into AFDR’s DSR Hall of Fame for December 2010.

“Rhys proves once again that a constant focus on customer service is the number one way to succeed in foodservice sales” said AFDR president Todd Hauser. “Simply being there as a reliable business partner – in some cases for literally over three decades – Rhys provides a great reminder to us all about the true role is for a DSR.”

Bowman’s territory includes the surrounding areas around Greenville in western Ohio. He started his 31-year foodservice career as a delivery driver at Buchy Foodservice. After about two years, he moved into sales and has never looked back.

He’s maintained many of the same customers for decades… some for his entire career.

“The mood of customers right now means they’re not enjoying being told what to do by a distributor,” Bowman says. “But when I go in and tell them I have no minimum order and will split cases, I get their attention. You can say all that you want, but eventually it all adds up.”

During his interview, Bowman explains the value of starting out as a truck driver. How he deals with Made-Rite, a local restaurant known nationally for its quirky menu. And why delivering on (not just talking about) customer service has helped him and Buchy Foodservice continue to grow at double-digit rates even during the last few years.

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