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Hillshire Farm® Original Farmhouse Carving Ham
Product Number: 32830
Dot Number: 582731
UPC: 90044500328304
Pack size: 1/12-15 LBS

Natrually hardwood smoked and slow baked. Carve on hot buffet lines for sandwiches and center of the plate.

  • Bonesless teardrop shape for easy carving and great appearance; high-yield end-to-end
  • Hand trimmed whole four muscle ham (with no filler), and internal fat removed for consistently lean slices
  • Natrually hardwood smoked and slow baked for hours to provide delicious old-fashioned ham flavor.


Heating Directions:

  1. Place ham in a pan with 1 inch of water. Pleace a piece of parchment on top of ham, then cover/tent loosely with foil (parchment prevents foil from having a metallic reaction with ham surface). Foil should not be completely sealed around the pan but allow a little airflow to prevent ham from steaming.
  2. Heat at 375ºF, 8-10 minutes if thawed; 16-18 minutes if frozen.
  3. Heat in 325ºF conventional oven or 300ºF convection oven for 12-15 minutes per pound to an internal temperature of 140ºF.
  4. Convection Oven - Heat at 350ºF, 6-8 minutes if thawed; 14-16 minutes if frozen.
  5. Also, ham may be split in half - from narrow/shank end to wide end - and heated, cut-side down, one half at a time for smaller consumer groups.
  6. Microwave (1000 watt high power) - Heat 45-60 seconds if thawed; 60-90 seconds if frozen.
  7. Heat to an internal temperature of 160ºF and hold at 140ºF or above.
  8. Heating times may vary with each oven.

Unused Portions:

  1. Wrap uncut/unused portion lightly in plastic wrap and keep refrignerated. Shelf life is a few days, depending on onsite conditions. Ham that is left over can be cubed, sliced or diced for many other recipe applications.

Carving Time Under Heat Lamp:

  1. 3 hours

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